Kiln Sneak Peak 10/30

October 30, 2023

Not a ton of things in this kiln because in here is the BIGGEST vase I've ever made and a GIANT rhubarb bird bath. I'm going to use the vase as the base for the bird bath. I'm really excited with how the vase looks. It's glazed the same way I did a much smaller vase a few months ago. The trees also came out really well. Hoping the rhubarb didn't crack - that's the only thing you can't see. Kiln Sneak Peak 10/30


Mandala Platter & Howard County Craft Spectacular

October 28, 2023

I've had this placemat for months and just hadn't found the right time to use it. I saw a video last week about a mandala wall hanging so I had it on the brain. I love how this turned out. Initially I was going to cut it as a circle, but decided to trace out the edging pattern. Fingers crossed I don't knock off any of the points before it's bisqued.

I know it's been a while since I've glazed, but I really just needed to make for a while. Now that I've gotten a good pile up of things there should be quite a few glaze kilns coming soon.

Next week is the Howard County Craft Spectacular November 3-5th at the Howard County Fairgrounds. I hope to see you there! Mandala Platter


Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater

October 26, 2023

I started this sweater as I was recovering from surgery so I completely failed at writing things down. This got interesting as I tried to recreate the two front pannels from the back panel. It also became clear that I was going to need more yarn than the two Gradient Sets I had from Miss Babs. So in the middle I had to order more yarn, and learn that they were out of stock for that gradient set (Vineyard). By some miracle they had a skein of the darkest and the lightest color in the gradient set so I went with that. Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater

The front has two granny rectangles. I had never made a granny rectangle before. I started it the same way as I would have with a square and this particular pattern started with a circle. Then when it came to make it into a square - I made sure it had 2 long sides and two short sides when I divided up the circle. As I continued it became clear (should have thought of this sooner) that the rectangles would get too wide for the front. To account for this I made the long sides single crochet while continuing the pattern on the short sides. Since I wasn't sure exactly how much yarn it would take, I ended up doing a color at a time on each rectangle building them simultaneously. More than a few times I had to frog rows if I want too big and couldn't match it on the other side.

Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater

I had intended to make the sleeves gradient as well, but since I didn't have enough yarn to do so they are only a gradient at the wrist.

Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater

I knew that the back wasn't big enough having used the entire gradient set for it so I supplemented by using the darkest color to make it bigger.

Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater

Despite having gotten another full skein of the darkest color - I could not finish the final row of edging with it and had to supplement. I'm happy with it, but it was definitely a labor of love to get this finished.

Granny Square and Rectangle Sweater


Camping Platter

October 24, 2023

I keep expanding my camping series. This is my first camping platter. I started with the fire in the middle and then went with the collage. I think if I make another I'll do it on the outside rim, but I do really like the collage effect. I have so many ideas in my head that I have to find the balance between adding more to specific series or adding more series or just adding some one off things.

This is that constant pull I see where "real" artists have a cohesive collection vs I get so many comments on my booth that people love how different my pottery is from other potters. Camping Platter


The added extra - stamps on the bottom of mugs

October 23, 2023

I get a lot of comments about the texture I add to the bottom of my mugs. If I'm using a rolling pin then the bottom is the same texture. If I'm using stamps then it is usually a repeat of the stamp on the mug (like a crab on the bottom too) or something that fits the theme. Over the weekend I was making my camping mugs and I have these new boot texture stams that I used. I think its funny how they seem to be walking across the mug.

I can't tell you the number of times that people look at the bottom and their face lights up when they see that added touch. The added extra - stamps on the bottom of mugs


Reindeer Plates

October 21, 2023

Still on a making spree. I have some time before my next show so I'm trying to make a bunch of things that I might need for that. Next will come the glazing of which there will be a lot.

I have had this roller for a while, but this is the first time I've used it. I hadn't noticed how the one reindeer kicks up it's heal. I've decided that's Rudolph and he will get the red nose. Reindeer Plates

Reindeer Plates

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