Glaze Chip Process

August 10, 2023

Just a quick reminder that this Sunday is the second Sunday of the month and that means it's time for the Belle Aire Market from 9-2. We were rained out last month, but this weekend the weather is looking a lot better. I am going to be doing a Seconds Sale this weekend for the first time. I have a bunch of pieces that just aren't what I envisioned for various reasons. I'm not going to price them, just going to let people make an offer for what they think they'd want to pay.

I just updated my Favorite Glazes Page. I realized I haven't updated it in 2 years and I have discovered a ton of glazes since then. I went through all my glaze pages that document every combo I've done and as I saw one that I loved I pulled it in. So this is completely from scratch. I will do better about adding to it when I find new combos in the future. My glaze pages document every combination I've done sorted by brand in the Pottery Menu.

In my last kiln opening I had these really cool tests that came out using glaze chips. I've added them here are the tests again in case you missed them. These came out amazing and the process was really simple. Each thing you do in this process will be different since the glaze chips will always be slightly different. I chose a white background because I wanted to really make it pop, but you could use any base color that you wanted. I did have one place where it was a bit of a sharp edge, but it sanded down nicely.

Glaze Chip Process

Mayco White Opal x3, Glaze chips

Glaze Chip Process

Left: Opulence Marshmallow x3
Right: Opulence Eggshell x3
Glaze chips

The glaze chips came from glazes that were almost empty, but just not quite. I left the bottles open near the kiln and let them dry out.

Glaze Chip Process

Once they were dry I rolled the bottles on the table and the glazes broke into chips.

Glaze Chip Process

I just dumped them into a large plastic ziplock bag.

Glaze Chip Process

I just took a pinch of glaze chips and arranged them on the plate after the glaze had dried.

Glaze Chip Process

For the two spoon rests that looked identical except for the glaze test, I did one left to right and one right to left.

Glaze Chip Process

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