Soap Dispensers (or Vase)

December 12, 2022

I've been wanting to make a soap dispenser for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to it. After my last show I had a customer reach out and ask me if I had any. This was the push I needed to try to make them. I got these dispenser heads from Amazon. The corks have a bit of wiggle room in them which should make this work. However, worst case scenario I've made bud vases! Soap Dispensers (or Vase)

I used the smallest size of De La Designs cones. I think next time I might try the medium. I had to stretch the top a bit more than I wanted to. It is loose enough now for the cork, but we shall see.

Soap Dispensers (or Vase)

A week or so before Thanksgiving we finally had our first frost. Before we did I went out and cut the dill flowers by my front porch and put them in a vase. When we were cleaning up for Thanksgiving I put the vase on my table intending to make pots with it. Then life happened and while I went on a glazing spree I hadn't actually done anything with clay since before the holiday! The stems in the water were a little fuzzy and the flowers had dried out, but I still rolled them into clay. Since it was so wet I couldn't pick all the pieces out. I'll rub some more out when it gets leather hard and whatever is left will burn during the bisque.

Soap Dispensers (or Vase)

This last one was made with the leaves from Learn Fired Arts since there are no real leaves left out in the garden this time of year.

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