First Indoor Show

December 09, 2022

Last weekend was the first indoor show that I've done. I had gotten really used to the 10 x 10 space and this one was only 10 x 6. I quickly realized that the wonderful shelves my husband built me wouldn't fit and I could only use tables. This definitely presented a new creative challenge for me to solve.

First Indoor Show

The first thing I did was buy vertical shelves you can see on the table that's in the back. Technically these are shoe racks, but they worked really well for pottery. I usually have a board that goes across my two crates that I put my mugs on, but I was able to put far more mugs on this. I think this might become part of my outdoor setup as well. I also had a lot of ornaments and magnets that were holiday themed that I put into some cute little baskets meant for tea.

First Indoor Show

I bought a mini tree (I think its a spruce) at Home Depot. It's something we can use in the yard long term, but it was perfect for displaying the ornaments. Some people got a kick of taking the ornaments of the tree and others would hunt through the basket for the right one for them. The pine needles were a little messy, but it definitely drew people in.

First Indoor Show

I had a lot of Christmas and Hannukah themed items. This squiggle tree was one of the first to sell. I still can't get over how perfect it came out.

First Indoor Show

This is one of the two trees I had made. The process to first make and then add all the leaves took a lot of time. I got a lot of compliments about how cool they were.

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