Kiln Sneak Peak 12/12

December 13, 2022

This kiln is not as full as I usually pack my kilns, but I had my very first commission order that I needed to get done (the little birds you see on the shelf). This has a number of larger items and not a lot of small items. The last of the elephant ears is in here. This is the one I'm hoping to turn into a bird bath. I've had a solar fountain for a while just sitting around waiting for it.

Also I've been a bit behind in updating my glazing pages. They are all updated (not including this firing). I decided to break out Opulence into it's own page as I've been using (and loving) more and more of their glazes. There are actually 2 new glazes in this kiln from them - Pebble Beach and Floating Blue. Kiln Sneak Peak 12/12

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