Potatoes! and Peppers

August 20, 2022

Look at all the potatoes! Was definitely a good year for potatoes. As always, I was covered in dirt by the time I dug them all up. There are 3 varieties of potatoes in there. A white with white skin, a yellow with red skin, and a purple with purple skin. No I don't remember the names :)
Here they are making a mess on my counter. I have laid them out to dry a bit so I can get the rest of the dirt off. Potatoes! and Peppers

I also brought in a ton of peppers and one eggplant. This very hot year has definitely been good for peppers.

Potatoes! and Peppers

It was so nice out that I put a table on the deck and glazed outside until the sun drove me in.

Potatoes! and Peppers

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