Kiln Sneak Peak 8/21

August 22, 2022

First glaze kiln firing post kiln fixes! Sneak peak of the top. I'm so excited about the calla lilly candle holders in the back and the leaf bowl in the front. Kiln Sneak Peak 8/21

The kiln parts came end of last week. Craig and I spent Thursday night putting it all back together again. He can now officially call himself a kiln repairman. We got the whole thing together and got an error, but he had forgotten to tighten some screws on the middle thermocouple after we had to reposition them once we realized the wires were not all the same lengths. Did an empty firing right away to season the elements and got two perfect hot cone 5 results.

I had everything glazed and ready to go so as soon as I unloaded I reloaded the kiln for its maiden firing.

Kiln Sneak Peak 8/21

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