Funny 70s Rubber Forms

August 18, 2022

Michael Harbidge from Learned Fired Arts recently bought the company that makaes rubber leaves. I love the leaves and have used them in various pots I've made (and upcoming will be making more ceramic trees for the holidays from them).
When he bought the company he got a box of forms from back in the 70s that were other shapes. He did a mystery box a couple of months ago where you could get some of these random other shapes.
This first one I think is Godfather inspired. Why else would you have a horse head - no body. None of the other animals are decapitated, but the horse head is. Funny 70s Rubber Forms

This seahorse is cute. I imagine it on the border of pot like a mug or a vase.

Funny 70s Rubber Forms

I'm not sure what I would do with the many with the drum. To start with, it's huge.

Funny 70s Rubber Forms

What's also interesting about these is as I unwrapped them I was immediately transported back to my grandparents apartment. Made me super nostalgic. When it was dinner time I was craving quiche. My grandmother was the queen of quiche and I have mastered her recipe. I wasn't really prepared to make quiche though so I had to improvise. Instead of my normal spinach this is a zucchini quiche. It was delicious.

Funny 70s Rubber Forms

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