Chaumont Mugs & Bowls

June 23, 2022

I signed up for the annual Chaumont Craft Fair coming up at the end of July. As I've been to the various shops I haven't seen any Chaumont mugs or bowls - so I decided to make some! I actually really want to call the mugs "Chaumugs", but multiple people (including my husband) have told me - no, just no. This is the first time I've used my new alphabet stamps from De La Designs and I really liked them. This font is "salty." Chaumont Mug Bowls

I didn't make quite as many bowls as I did mugs, but I thought a coffee mug and cereal/ice cream bowl would be fun. I went with a fishing/woodsy theme for all of them.

Chaumont Mug Bowls

As I was planning the design for these I realized how diverse the waterways are in the area. Lake Ontario is right there, but there is also the Chaumont Bay and of course the Chaumont River. Our property is along the river so I always think about it as river, but that's just a small part of the overall water area. I got this new stamp "lake life" that I really thought was cute with the fish. I want a river life one too!

Chaumont Mug Bowls

More mugs drying.

Chaumont Mug Bowls

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