Maple Leaf Mugs and Bowls

June 25, 2022

When we were in Chaumont over Memorial Day I collected a lot of leaves to press into clay. I keep them in my refrigerator. The delicate leaves from ferns still wilt and turn brown within a few days. The maple and oaks, however, are still as green as when I picked them. I'm finally getting around to making something with the maple leaves now that I've worked my way through the other leaves. maple leaf mugs and bowls

My thinking is that I'll wipe back something that will enhance the tecture like an underglaze then either do a clear coat or just leave it as bare clay on the outside.

maple leaf mugs and bowls

I'm not sure that this print inside will end up coming through or if the liner glaze will obscure it too much, we'll see. On the other bowl I made I put it on the bottom like I normally do.

maple leaf mugs and bowls

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