Calla Lily Candle Holders

June 21, 2022

I've made myself a list of the things I'm supposed to be making for my upcomong shows. However, I went a little off script. As I was pulling out the template for the bowl I was going to make, I saw my calla lilly candle holder template and decided to make that instead. I feel like the more I make these the better I'm getting at them. I really want the flower to be expressive. calla lily candle holder

I cut the flowers from the template, but I also freehand a bit because I do want them to be similar and yet not identical. As I was veering off my plan I also came to the realization - these should be on my plan. I need to add them to my list for what I'm making for the upcoming fairs and price them. I can't decide if I want to sell them individually or as a set of two. Buying a single candlestick seems weird, so probably a set of two, right?

calla lily candle holder

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