Kiln Sneak Peak 5/10

May 10, 2022

Another sneak peak of the kiln. I've got a bunch of stuff to glaze and then a whole bisque (or two) to do as well. This kiln has some more pasta bowls for me as well as my continuing dish set. It also has a bunch of mugs with vinyl resist I'm really excited about.
The two pasta bowls are in this picture on the top. A while back I posted the GR Pottery form that Craig made me with the handle on it. It is to make these bowls. Going to make some more for others because they really are just the perfect size for a nice bowl of pasta, plus lost of corners to get stuff on your fork (or chopsticks). Also on the top is a white orb - that's not done yet! More to come on that in the coming weeks!
kiln peak 510

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