Custom Stacked Forms

March 29, 2022

I use my GR Pottery forms a lot for various things. My favorite stacking form is the middle 3 hexagons. It's the perfect bowl for pasta, salad, ice cream.... During ClayShareCon I bought a stack with the intention of having Craig make me a permanent stack. He glued them together, sanded down the sides, and added a handle. It worked so well and no lines!

deep form

The handle made it really easy to pull out. When I just stacked them I'd always end up with a nail mark getting out the smallest one.

deep form

When I had it upside down to create the form I stacked spacers to cover the handle. This handle took two of the 1/2" and one of the 1/4".

deep form

I left extra clay at the rim because I was going to do something with it, but ultimately decided to trim it.

deep form

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