Chip and Dip Holder

March 31, 2022

I saw a chip and dip plate somewhere recently and had it in my head that I wanted to make one.

chip and dip

I used my larges GR Pottery form as the base, I think its 13x17, but its the largest oval they have. I then cut 2 long strips that were 4 inches high to go around the outside edge. I used a fairly fat coil to secure the edge on the inside. Last I added a compartment in the middle to hold the dip. I secured the sides and the bottom with a coil there as well.

chip and dip

I let it setup overnight and then cut handles in the sides. It's really hard to see the pattern right now, but it is heritage lace with trees, bears, and deer. Fingers crossed this makes it all the way through the process.

chip and dip

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