Little Star Bowl

June 19, 2024

I was making little plates this weekend with my hexagon cutter from De La Designs and 6.5 inch GR Pottery form. I got the cutter from De La Designs to make it faster than having to outline the hexagon with my needle tool and make the corners sharper.

Well I got a little carried away because it was so fast. I only have 6 of the 6.5 hexagons and I cut out 8. At first I was going to wrap them in plastic and use them later, but then I thought I'd just make a little baking dish with my hexagon wallie. Usually when I make those I put the wallie down first and then drape the clay over and compress. However, I was making press plates so I just pressed this without thinking and I accidentally made this cute little star dish. I love how they turned out so I kept them this way.

Writing this blog post and staring at the picture, I just realized that these are in the shape of a Star of David. I'm thinking about what I could make as Hannukah dishes or maybe a Seder plate. Something to consider.

Little Star Bowl

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