Custom bowls based on a wall

June 17, 2024

A while back I was asked to make some custom candy bowls and an accessory plate for my massage therapist. She already had a plate in one of her rooms that I made her years ago to hold accessories and she wanted a few more. She gave me complete creative freedom to do what I wanted. It took me a while to decide what to do and then took me a few more weeks to figure out how to do what was in my head.

She has these custom walls that she's done in both rooms that has black lines and then different colors between them. You can see the bowl against the wall in this first picture. I like this picture because you can see that the silver color of the wall and the bowl both have glitter!

Custom bowls based on a wall

Here is one of the bowls with the fishy plate next to it. In addition to having that amazing wall, she also has a fish tank in one of the rooms so the fish plate seemed necessary to go along wih the the theme. The bowl and the plate will end up on the opposite side of the room from the accent wall, but will help tie the room together nicely.

Custom bowls based on a wall

Now what I didn't do is take pictures of this process along the way so I will just have to describe it. First, I used the large 6# square cutter from De La Designs. I intentionally made the sides a little round because I wanted to be able to take the lines around the sides easier.

Custom bowls based on a wall

When it was chocolate texture leather hard I waxed the sides and then used a Diamondcore Tools X2 fluting tools to cut lines on the four sides. Then I used the new Mayco black engobe to fill in the lines, the top rim, and the bottom. I made sure to wipe away any extra engobe that got outside of the lines.

Custom bowls based on a wall

I explained the glazes when I pulled this out of the kiln, but the inside is Midnight Ceramics Sexy Mermaid and the outside is Mayco White Opal, Silver Lining, Butter me Up, Sour Apple, Blue Yonder, and Bluegrass

Custom bowls based on a wall

Once it came out of the kiln I used 2 thick coats of Mayco Glittering Silver over the Silver Lining letting the first coat dry overnight before adding the second. This wasn't required, I just wanted it to dry completely and I did the first coat close to bed time. This non-fired product makes this non-dishwasher and microwave safe, but since it's a candy bowl that didn't matter.

Custom bowls based on a wall

This was a fun process and I'm thrilled with the results as was she!

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