Grown-up Sippy Cups

April 01, 2024

During ClayShareCon I was enamored by Alexandria Pottery's handbuilding jig. I bought the travel mug jig with the cutter and an extender. It essentially a 3D printed flexible tool with a "key" that has two positions - one for building and one for getting it out. Alexandria did a video on this and I highly recommend watching her if you're interested. She's much smoother at it than I am having practiced. I started with the simple shorter practice mug. Alex makes 3 holes in the top, but that felt like a lot at once so I'm starting with one. In all likelihood I'll find that she's right and I'm wrong, but my plastic travel mug only has one hole so in my head it doesn't make sense to have 3. Grown-up Sippy Cups

My second one is slightly better than my first.

Grown-up Sippy Cups

Using the extender its only 2 inches taller, but it made a world of difference. Cornstarch was helpful with the regular jig. With the extender it was necessary! I lost my third tall one when I forgot the corn starch.

Grown-up Sippy Cups

For the first one I made I wasn't really thinking about where to put a handle so I ended up creating an indent and a little nub to help hold it up. I think it will be ok, but it's also all an experiment.

Grown-up Sippy Cups

For the second one I went with a handle. I had to rethink the handle to make it proportionally big enough for this cup.

Grown-up Sippy Cups

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