Wine Gnomes

February 13, 2024

A lot of people don't realize the time it takes to finish pieces. Generally I need 3 days in a row where I can work on pieces before I just leave them to dry. For mugs, cups, bowls, etc. that is.2 days in a row and then a third day a few days later when the rim is solid. I've been traveling a lot for work so it's made working on things difficult. Last week I put all my mugs, shot glasses, and the two wine goblets into my dry box to keep them soft enough that I could finish the rims.

This week I ended up getting home on Friday, but I was so tired that I did not make any pottery. I flew right back out early Monday morning so I didn't really have the time at home to make a lot of things. I really felt like making something though so I made some wine gnomes. These will eventually get glued onto corks.

All gnomes start as a couple of different pieces. I like to get the bodies, hats and noses made in batches as you see here. Then as I pick up each body, I decide which hat and which nose fits that body. Then each one gets a custom face. Wine Gnomes

Wine Gnomes

Wine Gnomes

Wine Gnomes

Wine Gnomes

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