Wine Cups

February 12, 2024

I saw these glasses while watching the latest season of The Orville. They were conical on the top and cylindrical on the bottom. These are my first attempts at making them in clay. They leave a little to be desired.

I made this one first. It is the same top as a mug that I tried out from a class I took recently. I think the bottom this one is both too tall and too straight. I feel like asthetically the two pieces don't go together well. I carved in the lavender on the bottom and that actually helped make it more cohesive. Wine Cups

Initially I thought the problem was that the bottom was too tall for the top. It wasn't until later that I realized that there was a shape issue. When I realized the shape issue I flared out the bottom. Instead of carving this one my plan is to make the bottom a solid color (Lavender Mist) and see if that balances it out. More on this concept to come.

Wine Cups

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