Playing with Lavender

February 06, 2024

I had saved the last of the lavender from my garden last year. Threw it in a baggy in the freezer. It only took 10 minutes or so for it to thaw out enough to use. Lavender is pretty hearty when it comes to pressing it into clay. I made some of my normal mug size for this. The fun thing about the lavender is that even though I'm using the same 12 or so pieces - I never put them down exactly the same so each piece is unique. Playing with Lavender

I've been taking a virtual cups class in January and got this cute little shot glass template from it. It's the reverse of most shot glasses since it has a larger base, but I think it's going to be really sweet. With the lavender on it I think it could also be a really sweet tiny bud vase.

Playing with Lavender

Also from the cups class comes this new truncated cone mug shape. I only made a couple because I'm worried its a little tippy. Going to see how the finished product comes out and decide whether I modify it any. I have an idea for a wine/drink cup that has this shape on the top and then a cone bottom. I'm experimenting now to get the right shape. Playing with Lavender

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