Ginko Tray

February 05, 2024

When I was dropping items off last fall at the Carrol County Gallery of Gifts I picked up a handful of ginko leaves. Literally picked them up off the ground. We don't have any ginko near me that I'm aware of, but the street there was lined with them. I put them in a baggy in the fridge when I got home intending to use them "soon."

Ginko Tray

Well, time got away from me. This weekend when I pulled the leaves out they had dried out. Still usable, but now one time use vs being able to use them again. The leaves provided a nice texture, but were not easy to get off the platter. I ended up using tweezers and still didn't get all the pieces off. They will burn off in the bisque kiln.

Ginko Tray

I'm still thinking on how to glaze this. I think I want the leaves to be the golden color from when they fall, but I don't think I have a glaze that's that color golden that will keep the fine line detail from the leaf texture. Maybe I'll go opposite and leave the leaves and do the gold around. Any suggestions?

Ginko Tray

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