Tree of Life New Texture & Broken Images Update

January 22, 2024

I found a feasible work around for the broken images where I don't have to migrate everything. I'm hoping that Google won't break this as well, but they've been rather close lipped about it so who knows. The process isn't hard this way - copy the code, paste into word, find and replace, copy, paste back, and then publish. I fixed all the glaze pages this morning. The blog pages will take more time, I have almost 500 blog posts - how did that happen?!

When I was looking at the reindeer mold this tree popped up and I wanted to try it out. What I coudln't see in the picture on Amazon is that there are non-colored dots outside of the tree. I'm also not sure if the texture is deep enough. It doesn't help that I over corn starched a bit. I will keep you posted how this comes out (if it comes out). Tree of Life New Texture

Tree of Life New Texture

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