Squiggle Luminaries - Still working on what to do about the broken images

January 19, 2024

I've found a couple of work arounds for the broken images, but I'm not really happy with any of them. Also I have nearly 500 posts and pages and updating every one individually is a daunting task. Google suggested a work around using a slightly different format for linking than I've used in the past. I tried it out on my post on the reindeer ornament and while it works, it looks terrible. It makes it look like all the photos are slightly out of focus.

The other alternative I've found is uploading directly in Blogger which is the tool that I use to host this web site. It works and it's what I'm using for the photo below, but while uploading an image is fairly easy, it doesn't actually give me a way to manage photos. I also haven't found a way to upload more than one image at a time which would mean real slow going for fixing all previous posts. I've been looking into other photo hosting sites, but it seems like all of them almost act like social media sites posting your videos out to the community. Not that I think I produce things that people are going to want to steal on a daily basis, having them in that arena feels like it's more likely that people will take my photos and use them for another context.

I'm exhausted by this whole thing and I haven't even had to do any migration of photos yet. This all just feels like it should be simpler. sigh.

In other news I am still making things even though I haven't been posting. This is the first time I've used coils of Laguna 60. I kept putting off cleaning my handheld extruder becuase it felt difficult. I ended up buying a second extruder on sale during the holidays. Problem solved, no cleaning needed. Obviously having two large extruders would be cost prohibitive, but the handheld ones aren't that expensive.

I've been thinking about luminaries for a few weeks now so of course that's where I started. I made a few different shapes to decide which ones I like best. I also had an idea for a little luminary gnome that I tried out, but I put it on too tight and it did not make it off the cone. I am definitely going to try again. Squiggle Luminaries - Still working on what to do about the broken images

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