Reindeer 3D Ornament

January 06, 2024

Update: I was trying out Google's work around for images on this post. It looks terrible, but I don't have a solid alternative yet. If you click on the individual images they should render and not look blurry. Apologies, and thank you for bearing with me while I figure this out.

Back in December I was searching for something on Amazon and they recommended this cute little silicone mold. I loved it, but I decided that it was too late to do anything for this year. I left it in my cart though and last week decided to buy it (and a few more texture items coming soon). I couldn't wait to try it out, but not working with a lot of silicone molds there was definitely a learning curve. Reindeer 3D Ornament

I started with a fairly wet piece of clay. I know enough about molds to know that dry clay would crack.

Reindeer 3D Ornament

As I was removing the clay I quickly realized that with the arms being separate that they needed to come out first since they are recessed. I set them aside and worked on the main body.

Reindeer 3D Ornament

I learned quickly to be gentle as I decapidated a couple of reindeers. Since this mold is a bit like a Y it definitely took figuring out how to loosen it without breaking off parts. I had to be very gentle.

Reindeer 3D Ornament

I also learned that leaving extra clay on the back beyond the seems meant that I'd have to do more shaping/cutting later.


Reindeer 3D Ornament

It looks a little demented without arms.

Reindeer 3D Ornament

I tried two different arm attachments. I like them both. I might end up with a favorite once we get through the whole process, but I don't have one yet - do you?

Reindeer 3D Ornament

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