Christmas Color Block Sweater

January 04, 2024

I finished this sweater over the holidays. Until I started this blog post I didn't even realize it's also Christmasy colors. I don't have a pattern for this because I worked and reworked this sweater too many times and I lost track. The yarn I used is Mirepoix and Hornet from Into the Whirled in DK weight. I actually had more of the Hornet than the Mirepoix, but I forgot that when starting this at a show and started with the Mirepoix. So of course I ran out in the middle and had to buy more. It's not an exact match because its definitely different dye lots, but its the sleeves and the pockets and I feel like the only person who will notice it is me. Christmas Color Block Sweater

The back and the front panels is a simple moss stitch. This is made by doing single crochet and chain all the way across. You're always single crocheting in the chain stitches and it creates a nice neat pattern. I made it really long, hitting me mid calf, and I'm hoping it doesn't stretch too much.

Christmas Color Block Sweater

The color is just alternating rows of half double crochet and half double crochet back loop only. I made the collar extra wide at 14 rows. The pockets are mostly the Mirepoix with just one row of Hornet. They are actually probably a little low, but I really like the look.

Christmas Color Block Sweater

I'm still debating whether I add a button or three. The original button I had in mind looked good in theory, but is too big for the half double crochet stitches. I've considered making a button hole. I don't know - what do you think?

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