Two Teapots and a Pitcher

March 25, 2023

I was just invited to the Cloisters Sprint Tea and Bazaar April 29 and 30th. I have long wondered if one of the things that all potters have to do is make a teapot. There is a teapot in at least every 1 out of 2 issues of Pottery Making Illustrated. I decided that having been accepted into an event at a tea meant it was my time to make a teapot (or two). Two Teapots and a Pitcher

For this one I used my new MKM roller of trees. I made the feet and the top with a leaf sprig I made a while ago. I'm really pleased with how it came out and I do think that making a teapot is a right of passage. It involves a lot of skills. Some of the skills are the same as making a large bowl, but then making the lid requires some new skills.

Two Teapots and a Pitcher

The second teapot is also made with a new MKM roller. The spout of a teapot is also a new skill. You have to make the tip high enough so that the water doesn't spill out when you don't want it to. Both of these have a rather simple spout that I could definitely refine over time, but they work!

Two Teapots and a Pitcher

The handle on a teapot is slightly different than a mug or a pitcher. First the body is shorter and wider, but then also I think the handle has to balance out the spout. I'm really happy with my first two tries, but I can only get better.

Two Teapots and a Pitcher

I had another slab of clay and I've been meaning to make a pitcher for a while so instead of a third teapot I made a large pitcher. On this I used my new stamps from DeLa Designs.

Two Teapots and a Pitcher

Flowers, dragonflies, and flowers for spring.

Two Teapots and a Pitcher

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