The Rest of the Tea Set

March 27, 2023

This weekend I was looking at my teapot and decided it needed some tea cups. After I made the tea cups, I decided they needed saucers. I used a smaller template than I usually do for the cups - they're basically just small mugs. The saucers are just press plates with the 5 inc GR Pottery Form. The Rest of the Tea Set

Now that I had the tea cups, I was missing the creamer and sugar bowl so I just had to make those. I went back to basically mug size, but made them a little wider. I made the sugar bowl lid the same way I did the teapot lid.

The Rest of the Tea Set

Then the sugar bowl needed a spoon so I shaped one. I'm pretty happy with my little tea set. Now I just have to get over wanting to keep it - I do not need a tea set, I do not need another tea set.

The Rest of the Tea Set

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