Vinyl Decals

February 23, 2023

I'm continuing to prep stuff for the next glaze firing. I made a dozen blank white mugs to use vinyl decals with. I cut the vinyl decals on my cricut. When I'm trying out something new I'll usually only cut 1, but for something that I know works I'll cut multiples at a time.

Vinyl Decals

When I'm preparing I'll put the decals in each mug so I know what my plan is and then I'll start applying them. Even when I've done multiples before it, sometimes one just won't behave at first. After I get the decal in place I use a yellow rib to smooth it down. What's great about doing this on the mug is that it's just there to tell the glaze where to go (or not to go depending on the decal) so bubbles and creases don't matter all that much. As long as the glaze can't get under the decal, that's what's important.

Vinyl Decals

I was doing all of this while watching the 2023 ClayShareCon. You can see Paula McCoy's demo up on my TV. The demos from the first night were for Clayshare members only, but the rest of the conference is free to the public and will be recorded.

Vinyl Decals

I didn't see the issue until I put the underglaze in. One of these things is not like the others...ooops!

Vinyl Decals

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