New Squiggle Pottery

January 12, 2023

I had making a couple more squiggle bowls on my to do list for 2023. I've made a couple of these and they're always really well liked. I love how they look. These are made using the puzzling molds from Learn Fired Arts.

New Squiggle Pottery

Rather than make two of the same I decided to make a second one in my small bowl form. I feel like this one is slightly more functional than the one above. The one above is definitely art, this one you could put fruit in.

New Squiggle Pottery

When I was making these I had just a tiny bit of coils left over so I grabbed a really small sphere. When I've made spheres in the past I've always made them with the hole side down, but as I was looking at this I wondered - could it be a candle holder? I'm worried the hole will be too small by the time it shrinks. Also not sure if will be sturdy enough. We shall see. Worst case it becomes a very small art object.

New Squiggle Pottery

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