Kiln Sneak Peak 1/12

January 14, 2023

First glaze firing of the year! This glaze firing is the first one that's based on me focusing on building inventory of specific things. There are so many crabs in this kiln. I did not count the number of crabs that I glazed, but it was a lot. I glazed crab mugs, spoon rests, appetizer plates, sponge holders, magnets, and more. There were so many crabs that not all made it into the kiln.

Also in this kiln are the first two soap dispensers that I'm trying out. I'm excited and nervous about these. Worst case scenario they are a new shape of vase. Also in this kiln are all of the Calla Lily candle holders that I've made recently. Kiln Sneak Peak 1/12

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