Kiln Sneak Peak 9/26

September 29, 2022

Last kiln opening before the MacKenzie-Childs Artisan Festival this weekend. There are a few things in here that I am super excited about and hoping that they came out ok (well I'm hoping for fantastic).

The pumpkin looks like it came out amazing. There is another larger one on the full shelf below it that I'm hoping looks as good. I'm also loving the pitcher on the left. I stressed about how to glaze it and I really love it.

The tree in the front is one of 3 of varying sizes. I have a set in my house that I love and I finally got around to making a second one. I have it sitting on my coffee table in the front room and it really just fits there.

I also have a replacement fish hanging for Craig. I made version 1.0 last year for him. We had to move it earlier this year because we took down the branch it was on to make room for the gazebo. The next trip up I found it on the ground and mostly smashed. I'm not sure if it was just too windy or if the twine would have given out any way, but time for version 2.0. Kiln Sneak Peak 9/26

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