Kiln Sneak Peak 7/9

July 09, 2022

I've been doing kiln loads in 2's for a while now. It's probably because I can fit about twice the stuff in a bisque kiln than I can a glaze kiln. I have two craft fairs coming up that I'm gearing up for. The first is the Belle Aire Market in Bel Air, MD this Sunday July 10th. The second is the Chaumont Craft Fair in Chaumont, NY on July 30th. Lots of stuff in this kiln and the next one to get ready for those.
I'm starting to do fall stuff. Fall! It's the middle of July, but it will take that long to get stuff through the process.
I didn't do a great job of taking notes for this kiln. I figured - I'll remember. And I do, most of it, we'll see....

kiln sneak peak 7 9 2022

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