July 07, 2022

While we were on vacation I watched the handbuilding a teapot class on Clayshare. During the class Jessica talks about how if you stop right here you have a cannister. I've wanted to make cannisters, or any lidded object, for a while but was intimidated. I decided to give it a try when I got home.
This first one I made with ferns I had pulled off platters. It gave it an interested speckled feel. I think it will look cool once it's glazed.
The first lid was an epic fail. I totally measured with a ruler, but it didn't work. Somehow it was exactly the same size as the base. For my second try I put the ruler aside and just put the clay inside and then cut it to fit. I'm really happy with the result. cannister

The second one I made with my new bee pin. It went a lot quicker now that I had the hang of it. I think at some point I'll make a set - assuming all of this makes it through the rest of the process ok.


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