Back from Vacation in Chaumont Making Fern Platters

July 05, 2022

We had a great week in Chaumont last week. Post buying the gazebo we had to make sure there was enough room for it to get down to the water. That meant two days of clearing. We had done the middle road last year so that wasn't too bad, but it was still a lot. My hands, my arms, my back - oy! I was so sore. We ended up coming back Saturday night which meant I had 2 days at home to do some pottery! I brought back ferns and lily pads. I focused on the ferns first since they get moldy quickly. fern plates

I made my own template for this tone. The edges of this are my handle cutter.

fern plates

Pulling off the fern in action.

fern plates

I also made a huge platter with one of my new De La Design cutters.

fern plates

And with the fern removed.

fern plates

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