June 30, 2022

Last year I decided we needed a gazebo in Chaumont. We went to the gazebo place and the guys said- you don't want a gazebo right now. They are currently twice the price with a half year wait time. But the time you get it prices will probably be down you should wait. So I waited. Yesterday we went back to the gazebo place and the same guy said I have an old one at 2019 prices that's sitting there want to see it? And so we did and I was all set to buy it, but it did not have screens or a screen floor. He said I have some bigger ones so we went and looked. We went inside it and I said to Craig it's huge! We should get it. It's bigger than I intended, but has anyone ever said - you know I wish we had less space in this gazebo.


The will come and do site prep in a week or two before delivering it. Today we spent widening the road so they can get it down here (also it needed it). Still have more to do, but my arms needed a rest. I am so excited for this gazebo. I already have plans for a fire pit and a pizza oven. Now we just need the house to go with it.


Willow is growing up this week. We don't have to keep her on the leash 100% of the time. She's figuring out that if she comes back when we call, she gets more freedom. If she doesn't listen, she gets leashed.


Craig finally got the window in. It's been sitting on the floor for nearly 2 years. It has immediate cooling effects. Making me rethink needing to replace the existing windows. I think one more window above the bed and we will get enough airflow.


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