Cute Coasters

May 07, 2022

Last week as I was perusing various sites I came across a pattern for crochet sun coasters. I thought they were adorable and that they could be something small I had for sale at the fair. I didn't have any yellow yarn, but I had this yellow, pink, and orange yarn skein that I had no idea what to do with.

cute coasters

The suns came out amazing and they opened the door. What else could I make coasters of? I came across this leaf pattern that looked fun. At first I was lost, then I realized that it was written in UK crochet terms and not US so I wrote myself a translator. Also the yarn I was using was much bigger so I only ended up doing the first two rows. I think they came out really cute though.

cute coasters

So cute that I decided to make them in red too. At first I thought I'd make a set with different colors, but the yarns were just too different for that.

cute coasters

At this point I had fallen down a coaster rabbit hole and was searching for what else I could make. I found a lot of seasonal items that aren't in season, but then found a pattern for these coffee cups. I love that they have foam coming out of the top! Latte anyone?

cute coasters

While I didn't sell any of these coasters at the fair, I think they will sell at the right venue. I also think they're going to make some adorable gifts!

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