Wine Glass Holders

April 25, 2022

Wine in the Woods is coming up! It will be the first time it's held since 2019. I'm so excited and I've invited some newbies to join. In preparation for that I made a few wine glass holders.

wine glass holders

For those of you not familiar with Wine in the Woods, it's an outdoor wine festival held yearly in Maryland. You pay a fee to get in and they hand you a wine glass. All the wineries from Maryland have tents and you can try all (or some) of their wines. You're allowed to bring in food, water, chairs, etc. with you. Also you can buy bottles of wine to share among friends. The wine glass holder is a must so you don't have to hold your glass all day. They sell them there, but I thought - I can make this. I ended up making about 6 in a couple of hours. The first one took a bit to figure out (and size specifically to the smaller Wine in the Wooods glass), but the rest came together quite quickly.

wine glass holders

I roughly followed this pattern from Heart Hook Home, but had to adjust for the smaller Wine in the Woods glass. Since the glass is pretty small I ended up chaining 12 instead of 18. I also played with the last rows sometimes chaning it up to just be single crochet and other following the pattern up. I also made the lengths varying sizes since people aren't all the same shape.

This is a great project if you just have a small amount of leftover yarn and you're just not sure what to do with it. It could be done with any weight yarn.

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