Planters Part 1

April 26, 2022

I feel like I'm getting a late start on this, but I decided to make some planters for myself for spring. I have a lot of plants. A lot of plants. There are 4 separate areas outside of my house where I grow things. The front is all perennials that start blooming while its still cold (with crocus) and there are things that bloom all the way through October. The side outside the fence is 6 boxes where I have herbs and veggies. The side inside the fence is 100 plus pots of herbs and veggies. Finally, there is the deck and the surrounding garden which has a lot of flowers and a few herbs.

I feel like every year I buy more plastic pots from various garden stores and every year I have more that disintegrate from the sun. I’ve been getting better at making pots so I decided this year to try to make some pots. I made this one a few weeks ago which is currently in the bisque kiln and then this weekend I decided to make some more medium sized ones.

I used one of my GR Pottery forms for the base. The walls are 5 inches high and the adorable stamps are from De La Designs.

planters part 1

I had to make a water catcher to match.

planters part 1

The other pot I made I used one of the stamps that I carved. I really like how it looks like trees.

planters part 1

These are drying under plastic now. Hopefully with the temps rising I can bisque them in a week or two.

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