Waffle Stitch Sweater

May 25, 2021

This sweater took forever to finish. Not because it was hard but because I underestimated the yarn I needed. Had to buy more and then wait for USPS to actually get it to me. By the time they did I had baby stuff to make for a few friends having babies. Last year I was making one thing a week and this year with picking up pottery it's more like 1-2 a month.

That said I am really happy with it. The neck is really cozy and warm. It doesn't quite hang right on a hanger. Of course it is now WAY too warm to wear it.

The pattern is is the Watson Waffle Cardigan by Lakeside Loops. I followed this one pretty closely. The pattern does say to do double crochet waffles and I did half doubles because I thought it looked nicer with this yarn. The yarn is alpaca in a sport weight from Woven Gems.

Waffle Stitch Sweater

Waffles up close.

Waffle Stitch Sweater

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