5/25 Kiln Results

May 27, 2021

So many good things in this kiln. Second fish for the garden stack (First fish is named Bubble, this fish is named Toil, and a fish yet to be made will be Trouble). Also my vase using Michael Harbridge's puzzle mold, my first gnome, and the first mermaid mugs!

Mayco Stroke and Coat Combinations

Side View!

Midnight Ceramic's Sexy Mermaid x3 outside Amaco Weeping Plum x3 inside

Midnight Ceramic's Sexy Mermaid x3 outside Midnight Ceramic's Boxed Wine x3 inside

Amaco Emerald Falls x 3 Mayco Dark Flux x2 on the rim

Hat: Midnight Ceramic's Witching Hour x3 Midnight Ceramic's Unicorn Skin x3
Hair: mix of Mayco Cotton Tail and Tuxedo x3
Nose: Mayco Speckled Grapel x3

Amaco Snapdragon x3 Mayco Light Flux x2 on the Flowers x2 Mayco Dandelion x 2 on the center of the flower

Amaco Blue Lagoon x3 Amaco Blue Rutile x2 on the rim

These will be made into an earring and neclace set
Left: Amaco Snapdragon x3
Middle: Ceramic Shop Jewelry x3
Right: Coyote Pam's Blue x3

This was a refire because I thought it was just too dark. Originally Amaco Mulberry x3 Amaco Blue Rutile x2 on the rim. I added light flux on the rim and I'm much happier with it.

Amaco Blue Lagoon x3 Mayco Galaxy x2

Amaco Jade x3

Amaco Smoke x3 outside Amaco Snapdragon x3 inside

Left: Amaco Jade x3
Right: Amaco Snapdragon x3

Kentucky Mudworks Triton x3 Mayco Light Flux x2 on the rim

Amaco Sky x3

Coyote Pam's Blue x3

Left: Cherry Blossom x3
Right: Jade x3

Amaco Mulberry x3 tape resist Amaco Seaweed x3

Sanbao Transfer Georgie's Zinc Free Clear x2 on top Amaco Cobalt x2 bottom/rim

Ceramic Shop Jewelry x3
Birds: Mayco Bluebird x3 Butter Me Up x2 on beak

Amaco Cacao Matte x3

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