New Texture and a Sassy Pitcher

July 01, 2024

I have been searching for some good quatrefoil texture for a few months. I found a roller on Etsy, but it was in millimeters and I didn't think to convert it to inches (yes, dumb American moment). It was meant for polymer clay and was tiny. The texture was good (it was on one of the angels and trees with birds a couple of kilns ago), but tiny.

I found a piece of glass on Etsy a few weeks ago that was the perfect texture, but first - glass in the studio yuck. Second, the shipping for it was crazy expensive (probably because it's glass). I mentioned it to my pottery bff Heather who in a couple of days found the same texture on a matt on Amazon!

I noticed that the supplier for this was in NY and found their web site and ended up buying some other things as well. They are a cake supply place called NY Cake.

While making this I decided to try a dart because I had been thinking about those. I think it makes the pitcher look a little sassy. Not entirely sure I like the dart with the separate spout. It makes it look sassy and pouty.

New Texture and a Sassy Pitcher

New Texture and a Sassy Pitcher

New Texture and a Sassy Pitcher

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