Kiln Sneak Peak 6/25

June 26, 2024

This kiln sneak peak is an interesting one. Do you see how the bark texture is two different colors? When I put the 2167 clear on top I don't worry about being perfect because its clear and doesn't usually change anything. Except this time it's definitely lightened the rootbeer. I was at the very bottom of my 5 gallons when I did this so maybe at some point I didn't mix it well enough and there was extra of something. I actually think it adds depth to the bark so I like it, but I'd love to know the chemical that causes that.

Over the weekend I mixed up a new batch of the clear and did a test tile, but I do have 3 pints left of the old batch. I was lazy and did not sieve. I did a test tile and if it looks weird I'll go back and sieve, but otherwise I'm just going with it.

Kiln Sneak Peak 6/25

I couldn't resist and extra look at the grapes. From this angle it looks so awesome!

Kiln Sneak Peak 6/25

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