Glazing Weekend

June 07, 2024

Just unloaded the bisque kiln and I'm hot! It's hot out, but also any time I load or unload the kiln I get hot. Last summer when it was hot I started glazing inside, but now its how I glaze. I love having the space of everything spread out on the tables. I'd love to have a permanent studio space that has something like this, but that's for the future.

There are a bunch of different things to be glazed.

I've done this enough times that I actually have a bit of a system at this point. On the table that's closer to the family room and faces the TV on the far left I have my brush cups (just out of frame) and then I setup all the mugs. I've started loading the kiln as I glaze and I almost always have mugs on the bottom shelf of my kiln.

Glazing Weekend

In the middle of the table are the candle holders/cupcake stands. They've been ready to glaze for a while, but I was trying to decide how to glaze them. I think I've decided on some of the Georgie's Tye Die Glazes. On the right are some of the bigger items. I put these here because I have two dogs who like to run around sometimes and this is the most protected spot. I haven't lost anything yet, but they have knocked some things over.

Glazing Weekend

I have a second table that's parallel to the first. I have this weird large space that's between my kitchen and the family room. Theoretically you could put a table there, but it would be annoying to always have to walk around it. Plus I have a room just off the kitchen that it fits better.

Anyway, on this table I have the Christmas ornaments I worked on up at the cabin and some more bird bath earring holders. Top left in this picture is something I'm really excited about that is a custom order. The black is the new Mayco engobe. More on this soon.

Glazing Weekend

On the left of that table is plates and bowls. I had done the underglaze on the plates a while ago, but hadn't done the glazing.

Glazing Weekend

My garden has just started to bloom so just some additional pictures to brighten your day. This is echinacea.

Glazing Weekend

I love the colors of this lily.

Glazing Weekend

I think I'm going to have to divide these red lilies this year. I don't remember when I planted them so lets go with 5+ years ago. It's probably past time to divide.

Glazing Weekend

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