Preserving Leaves Results

May 31, 2024

So mixed results on the leaves. Some of them seem to have worked really well. Others have gotten all weird and wrinkly. I also feel like the veins are less pronounced. Putting these in clay will be the true test, but I want to wait until they are really dry so it likely won't be until after the Carroll County Art in the Park this weekend.

Also quick note - to the best of my knowledge all images have now been migrated and fixed in posts and pages. I'm positive I missed one somewhere, but I don't know where it is so if you find it let me know :) That was way more work than I would have liked and hope never to have to do it again.

These are the things I was calling the fern. Even with the mod podge they are still starting to be a little stinky. These where some of the hardest to do because of the long thin leaves.

preserving Leaves Results

I really thought that the oak leaves would be better. The one with the longer ends got weirdly curly.

preserving Leaves Results

This was hard to photograph, but you can see how wavy it is.

preserving Leaves Results

The leaves on the left are linwood and the right are maple. The maple came out really well, but the veins aren't as pronounced as I'd like.

preserving Leaves Results

These are the rasberry, blackberry, gooseberry, and currants. The gooseberry and currants came out the best of all the leaves. They were also the thickest.

preserving Leaves Results

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