Kiln Sneak Peak 5/1

May 01, 2024

Well I hoped I could save it, but no such luck. This globe has given me a headache since the start. When it was still wet, I thought I had solved it - but then in bisque is slumped a bit. When I was glazing it, I could hear things shifting a bit. I hoped that the glaze would glue it together, but it slumped some more. It looks like the walls of the kiln are holding it in the back and that the vase next to it is holding it on the side. Hoping there isn't too much damage, but waiting until it's really cool to try to move stuff.

The little tray on the right is pretty awesome! I tried running hot chowder from spectrum for the first time adn am not disappointed. Kiln Sneak Peak 5/1

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