Extruded Vases

February 01, 2024

The extruder is fun. The teeth on this one make it so that I'm never exerting too much force. I saw videos of people who are like standing on the wall and still struggling. This isn't no effort, but it is somewhat light effort to get things through.

I made all of these into vases by cutting a bottom and adding it on. I'll get fancier as I experiment more.

This reminds me of the symbol from the TV show Charmed, but I think it will make a really cool bud vase. Extruded Vases

This die is like a giant noodle. I think it's going to look awesome with a glaze that breaks.

Extruded Vases

This one came out with some personality

Extruded Vases

There's something about a hexagon. I think this shape might make a really nice size mug.

Extruded Vases

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