End of Year Wrap Up

December 31, 2023

One of the advantages of keeping track of things is metrics!!

2023 Top 5 Sellers by Count:

  1. Mugs
  2. Small Plates
  3. Trinket Diskes
  4. Spoon Rests
  5. Ornaments

2023 Top 5 Sellers by Percent of Sales:

  1. Mugs - 27%
  2. Small Plates - 12%
  3. Long Platters - 6%
  4. Spoon Rests - 6%
  5. Platters - 6%

Something which shouldn't surprise anyone the top seller in categories - Crabs!! 25% of Mugs, 38% of Trinket Diskes, 35% of Small Plates, 35 % of the Long Platters...pretty much every category its Crabs.

End of Year Wrap Up

I also did 18 shows which was a lot. This year I'm going to be pickier in my shows. I've also been tracking the fee ratio of my shows - 12% being the average. There were a couple of shows that were much higher than this. They were all multi-day shows that I thought were going to be better than they were. I likely won't be doing any of those again.

I do want to figure out how to drive more sales online. While I don't really like having to ship things, I think that this is an untapped resource.

Having all this data also helps me determine what things I've been making that aren't things I should continue selling. For example, I made a whole tea set this year plus an extra teapot. While I did really enjoy the experience - I still have all of it. I think eventually I will find the right buyer, but I haven't yet.

There are things that sold really well in 2022, but did not sell well in 2023 like my large decortative pumpkins. My theory is that people bought smaller this year due to the economy. Next year I have all of those in inventory so we will see, but I won't make any more.

I feel like at some point the market for crabs will be saturated, but I don't think it is just yet :).

There aren't really any shows in the first 3 months of the year so I will be spending the next couple of months building up inventory. I also have some new ideas for things that I'm going to be working on during this downtime. Stay tuned

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