How does one block a giant blanket?

October 07, 2023

A while back I was in Hobby Lobby and they were having a super sale on their Eternal Bliss Yarn. I bought like a dozen skeins in Olive and Taupe. They have been in the way for like a year in my yarn room/photo booth/guest room. After my surgery I was having weird cold spells and I decided to crochet a blanket so that when I was cold it would keep me warm.

I used a 25 mm cook (it's massive) and made myself this blanket. The yarn is super soft. It's nothing more than a giant granny square and I tried to change colors on a row change. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but it totally needs to be blocked. I have nothing that will block anything this big, any ideas? How does one block a giant blanket?

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