Squiggle Snowman Luminary and Upcoming Shows

September 05, 2023

Two shows this weekend! My sister is coming out to help me as I'll be recovering from surgery. I plan on putting her to work! Saturday September 9th I'll be at Boxwood Farms from 11-5pm. Sunday September 10th I'll be at the monthly Belle Aire Market from 9-2. Also next Sunday September 17th I'll be at the Bel Air Festival for the Arts from 9-5. Would love to see you at one or all of these.

I'm starting to move to winter projects. I won't have these at the fairs this weekend, but will have them soon.

These were made with clay puzzling spheres from Learn Fired Arts. The key for this is to make sure that the bottom sphere is setup enough that the weight of the 2 spheres above it won't crush it (I lost a snowman this way). I was going to make a hat, but I thought it would be too much weight. I decided that instead I'm going to crochet a hat and/or scarf. I'm really excited about this. I think I'm going to make some smaller ones as well. Squiggle Snowman Luminary

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