Silver Lining Cover Up

September 19, 2023

This is based on the Let it Bee Wrap from Heart, Hook, Home. However, instead of making a wrap I made a cute little cover up. Silver Lining Cover Up

I wish I remembered what this yarn was. I've had it for years just staring at me. All I remember is that it was made with real silver in it. I had a couple of balls in my stash just laying there for a while and I decided to just figure something out. This is probably closest to a sport weight yarn and I used a 4.5 mm hook. You could easily make this with any yarn and just adjust the width and length to what you want it.

I still cast on 68 like the pattern said. I had 5 balls of the green and 4 of the silver. I did as many rows as I could with what I had off 2 balls of the green then switched to the silver. At the end with the last ball I was able to add 2 rows to each size and that still left me enough to sew it together. I ended up being able to 5 rows of green then 5 of silver ending with 2 rows of green. Make 2 identical panels. Again the exact length can vary based on your taste.

Silver Lining Cover Up

Once you have the two panels - sew it up. I wanted the neck to be fairly loose so I left a 13 inch neck and I left 7 inches for each of the sleeves. Unlike my usual patterns I didn't leave any slack on the side. This is because I wanted to finish it with a row of sc all the way around the bottom. I really like the way this turned out considering I started with no real plan :)

Silver Lining Cover Up

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